The Event Manager’s responsibilities

There is an increasing demand for Event Managers. Many companies are becoming more and more aware that good event management is essential to ensure good communication and corporate image. An Event Manager organises your event in a professional manner and knows how to make it a success.

The Event Manager’s responsibilities

An Event Manager undertakes the organisation of various events as well as large-scale projects. He/she plans the event on behalf of the client. He/she puts together a clear communication plan and guidelines for the project. He/she knows the most successful advertising techniques. He/she can establish a suitable and realistic budget. He/she anticipates the necessary insurances and permits and ensures safety in the framework of events. He/she can proactively identify and convince potential clients.

The Event Manager’s skills

An Event Manager is a competent organiser and planner. He/she can work both independently and in a team, while also being able to manage a team. He/she is knowledgeable regarding meeting, presentation and sales techniques. He/she is aware of the latest legislation and is able to draw up contracts. He/she is an entrepreneur and an initiative-taker. He/she has an understanding of marketing, advertising and social media. He/she can think commercially and creatively.

The Event Manager’s many professional options

The event industry is thriving and there is a constant demand for trained and experienced Event Managers. An Event Manager position offers a great deal of variety. In order to be eligible for Event Manager studies, you will need at least a secondary school degree.

An Event Manager can be self-employed, can work as a freelancer in a corporate setting or can be employed by an event agency. In addition, he/she can be called upon to organise fairs and exhibitions, congresses, office parties and media, sports and cultural events. Occasionally, the Event Manager also handles projects on a smaller scale, such as wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, neighbourhood parties or opening ceremonies.

The importance of event assessment

Once an event is over, it is important to evaluate its success. A report is put together to give an overview of the sales figures, different payment methods, number of attendees and participants' feedback. This information can subsequently be translated into clear graphs. By analysing these results, the Event Manager can review the events and work on increasing their success. For this reason, he/she prepares a report for every event.

And the award for best event goes to ...

The Event Manager is not alone in assessing the event – the participants and the media are also involved. The European Best Event Awards are held to give maximum coverage to the best events. At the EuBEAs, the best events win a prize. An event can win in different categories such as best location, best public event, best product launch and best applied concept.

The latest news for Event Managers

There is an extensive range of new events. A great deal of event information can be found online, for instance on general event websites. As such, it can be interesting, as an Event Manager, to showcase your achievements and projects online. The more your event is published and advertised online, the better.

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