HR Manager role can be broad and challenging

HRM stands for Human Resources Management. The HR Department comprises HR Assistants and an HR manager. As HR manager, you can easily find work in a variety of sectors and companies.

The HR Manager's responsibilities

HR managers are also called Personnel Managers. The HR Manager is at the head of the HR Department and determines personnel policy. The HR Assistant reports to the HR Manager. The HR manager is the link between the company’s management and the employees, and ensures a good relationship between this management and the employees, and between staff members themselves.

In order to guarantee the above, the HR Manager carries out different tasks. He/she puts together an HR strategy and ensures its implementation. He/she advises the company’s managers and outlines corporate policy in manuals for the employees' attention. He/she evaluates employees' potential to improve both individual performance and the company's personnel policy in the long run. He/she ensures a good level of staffing in order to achieve the company’s objectives.

He/she follows up on personnel administration, handling among other things matters such as salaries, bonuses, holidays and sick leaves. He/she is the contact person for the employees and ensures internal communication. He/she drafts new vacancies and organises interviews and performance appraisals. He/she welcomes new employees and foresees training sessions and study programmes. He/she harmonises vacancies, selection, recruitment, personnel planning and training. Furthermore, he/she establishes the employees' work schedules.

He/she also maintains contacts with the trade unions and organises social elections. He/she determines recruitment and selection procedures for new personnel. He/she manages dismissals and outplacement services. He/she acts as the chief organiser and communicator in the framework of potential restructurations or collective redundancies.

The HR Manager's skills

An HR Manager is sociable and is able to motivate and to manage people. He/she is a good listener, communicator and negotiator. He/she has up-to-date knowledge of social legislation and is an advocate for continuous learning. He/she strengthens the company’s image and ensures good customer service.

In most cases, a higher education degree in HR is required, but you can also find a job as an HR Manager with a university degree in Law, Occupational Psychology or Commercial Engineering.

The highlight for HR Managers: HRM Night

The HR Manager holds an important position with a great deal of responsibility. As such, an annual HRM Night is organised to put HR Managers in the spotlight. This big party brings together HR Managers, HR Assistants and Executives during an exclusive dinner.

Prizes are also awarded to the HR Team, Young HR Talent and HR Manager of the year. Potential candidates are contacted and asked to submit a file. They present a number of specific projects and answer specific questions. They subsequently present their file in front of a professional panel of experts, whose knowledgeable opinion, in conjunction with the votes cast by HR professionals, will determine who deserves to win the title.

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