War for Talent

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"War for Talent" How do you deal with it? More and more companies and organisations encounter more difficulties to find the right employees in order for them to continue developing themselves.

Success during the "War for Talent"

To be successful in this "War for Talent" it is important to know that one single action might not bring the desired result. It will have to be an accumulation of different initiatives. To attract talents for your company, short and long-term actions must be planned.

In this overview, we tend to share our experience from our own experience as well as the experiences that we are able to share with our customers.

Branding through storytelling

Why does the organisation or company exist?

It is one of the first questions on jobseekers'list during their professional quest. The image your company reflects has an unestimable value that should not be neglected.

We call this "Storytelling", what is the company's story and how is this translated towards the public?
Storytelling is also an inspiring way of communicating. A consumer is constantly submerged by advertisers and a blockade has now been set up to no longer allow these ads. A solution is then to use communication that creates emotional connections. Intentions that are answered by the right emotions will reach your target group.

The first storytellers are your own employees, also known as Brand Ambassadors.
They give an idea of what your company stands for and how the vision of the company comes to life.
Through their "Engagement" and description of the company, the company culture emerges and the talents on the market can better identify themselves with a company.


Added values: Today, people are attracted to companies that are able to offer added value to their employees. They look for organisations where they can learn and keep themselves continuously employable (for instance through e-learning).

Facilities: What does the work environment look like? Is it a green work atmosphere? An open space? Are there seperate rooms available? These small questions can have a major impact on the choice of where the employee will decide to work.

Accessibility: What is the situation with accessibility and can something be done about it? 
A simple answer is "yes", but what? Making electric bikes available to the employees, introducing flexible working hours, and company buses are solutions that make it easier for future employees not to be freined by long traffic jams.

Through recruitment offices

Before placing any advertisement or calling on an external recruitment agency, you must determine the storytelling basis.

An no, it is not too late to start now!

The expertise and experience of a selection office can be very useful to bring over your storytelling to candidates. 
It will save you precious time and a first matching will be done for you.

External communication

Your communication style and your message will always remain important. When you place a job advertisement, you need to take different aspects into account. A candidate should feel appealed to not only execute his/her tasks, but also to be willing to work for your company.

Do not forget to also have a look inside your own organisation. Your employees are most likely to carry out the story of your company towards external candidates.
Make sure they can apply internally. Being open to an internal evolution also contributes to the growth and involvement of your employees.

Finally, you should also think about diversity, other cultures and other generations.

Do you wish to cooperate with us to put your story in a good light during the current "War for Talent"? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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My decision to join the Rainbow family is mainly driven by the opportunity to develop a new region for Rainbow Resources Group. Furthermore, the core values of Rainbow Resources, such as passion, respect for people and dynamism, are perfectly in line with my personal ambitions.

When I am not at work, I enjoy family time, music, concerts and doing sports, such as running and swimming.

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