Thinking about a career switch?

Posted by Matthias Claes

Does your job absorb all your energy? If so, you should think about a career switch! A new job in a new sector creates new challenges that make you want to start working again. How you can start preparing yourself you can read in this article.

Many employees get bored at work: the tasks become routine over time, there is little or no challenge and every day seems to be a copy-paste from the day before. Some employees have been stuck on the same chair in the same company for years with the same colleagues. 
This can be great. Many employees, however, feel that after a while they are in a rut that they can not break out of. 
A career switch would be a possible solution for this group.

First you have to do an important mental exercise: what do you want? Wich sector interests you? In wich function would you be able to fully immerse yourself? Leaving your job for the big unknown is sometimes a risk. Informing yourself well is certainly not superfluous. You can take various actions to determine the right direction. Think about the things that you like to do or that you liked to do in the past and try to see a connection. 
Discuss the matters with your partner, your family or your friends, they know you very well and give you interesting insights. You can also contact companies that specialise in job coaching and career planning, they can help you with your search for a job that makes you happy.

The direction has been determined, now it is time to take action. Inform yourself about the jobs you have in mind, so you can get a good idea of the job and you will not be disappointed. Try to speak to people who are doing the job now and see how they experience the job. It can also be very interesting to follow a course.

You are now almost ready for the job hunt, it's time to sharpen your plan of attack. The first thing you have to do is rewrite your CV and adjust it to the function you want. See which similar tasks you have already done and slide them forward on your resume. Also highlight your strengts that are relevant and show that you have skills that another candidate does not have, so you can make the difference. Through your letter of motivation you convince your future employer to contact you. Let them know why you are looking for something new in another sector and write down what appeals to you in the job. Show your passion for the profession and the sector. Write down what your talents are and express your experience. 
You can often provide a new and different view of things.

Are you ready to make the big leap towards a happier work life? It is not easy, it takes courage but with good preparation nothing is insurmountable. The hunt has begun, good luck!

Kind regards,

Matthias Claes
"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." -William Arthur Ward, American writer 

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Matthias Claes

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I was born and raised in Mechelen, an amazing city that still surprises me every day. In my spare time I enjoy long walks or a good movie.

After I graduated at culinary school I started working in different hotels and restaurants. I started as a cook but soon switched to serving tables. Meeting and building a relationship with people was (and still is) very important to me. A transfer to real estate was next. A great sector that gave me the opportunity to learn many new things. A nice mix of social contact and pleasure when helping people. Then I met Rainbow Resources Group.

Rainbow Resources Group is a company with great values that are very important to me. A personal service based on mutual trust and the opportunity for personal input… that is one of the reasons I love my job. Another great aspect of the job is meeting great new candidates and interesting new companies and it feels great to make the perfect match.

The perfect job that makes me happy when leaving for work in the morning.

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