Hoe sociaal zijn we nog

How sociable are we nowadays and how does a personal approach make a difference in the hunt for the right match?

Posted by Priscilla Becquet

How sociable are we in times where social media is the rule for social contacts? What influence does a personal approach have on the recruitment process? Discover our findings about this subject here.

Imagine: you are having lunch with colleagues and instead of exchanging each others experiences, everyone is focused on their smartphone. Sounds familiar?

Having lunch with colleagues: some people still do it. It is pretty challenging though not to take your smartphone and quickly check a message on Facebook or Instagram, to share a picture or to check the news. There goes a pleasant conversation about the nice weekend or the exchange of ideas or experiences on any topic.

It has been stated for long now that we are surrounded by “social technology”, we have never been as anti-social as we are now. Many people look for approval through social media, to keep contact with the outside world. But how do we react to a personal approach?

We are going more and more back to basic values: we are all individuals and want to be recognised for who we are as a person. Therefore a personal approach is essential to have the feeling that we do matter.

In the recruitment world, many tools exist to screen candidates: pre-established forms, standard CVs, search engines and automatic matching systems. These tools can definitely help to take the first steps in the selection process and to make a link between people and a company.

Above all, we believe that a personal approach is very important to be in touch with people. Who is the person behind a CV? Which people are working for company X? How do people go along with each other? What values are pursued? Is it a formal or informal environment?

These questions can only be answered during a visit in person.

At Rainbow Resources Group we believe that it is therefore essential to meet and to get to know the people we work with. We invite candidates in our office to take some tests and have an in-depth interview with them. Here we will dig deeper to understand the personality, the story behind a name and the attitudes attached to the person. That way we can match the right candidate with the right job, taking talents and attitude into account.

We find it also important to meet our clients: how do they interact with their employees, which style does the company apply, etc. This helps us putting the pieces of the puzzle at the right place and bringing the right people together. A CV can match a job advertisement perfectly, but this does not guarantee that the person will match the company culture.

Curious about how we deal with this at Rainbow?

Do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants. We will be happy to assist you with anything you need!

Our Consultants in Brussels are reachable on 02 738 74 20.

Our Consultants in Mechelen are reachable on 015 140 410.



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Priscilla Becquet

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I was born and raised in Belgium by a French-speaking father and a Dutch-speaking mother. I am, therefore, perfectly bilingual in both languages and acquired fluency in English thanks to my education. After obtaining my degree in Office Management, I started my career in the FMCG sector. I always wanted to combine sales with a human approach and long term relationship building in my job. I discovered a real passion for recruitment and, after spending 4 years with a specialised recruitment agency, I wanted to take my experience to the next level.

I joined Rainbow Resources Group in July 2013 to start up our HR division. In 2014 I also helped with the development of Flex Careers and since September 2017 I work in our brand new office in Mechelen. Dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate about my work, I deliver a high quality of service.

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