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Being attentive to others: more than an advantage!

Posted by Frank Vande Voorde

"Being attentive to others will bring you much further in life than any school or diploma" - Marian Edelman.

In our digitised world with many Facebook friends and fleeting encounters, being attentive to others is a highly appreciated and sought-after trait. People usually forget actions and even more words. But the feeling they get with someone else remains for a long time. Getting attention gives people a good feeling. People talk about it all the time. Being attentive also gives a good feeling to someone who is attentive himself or herself. If it is so positive, how can I become more attentive?

"Being attentive to others will bring you much further in life than any school or diploma" - Marian Edelman.

Being attentive is not only appreciated, it is also good for your ... health! Indeed, you read that correctly. Studies have shown that this attitude results in the production of dopamine and oxytocin. Two substances that are very good for your health.

Nothing but advantages! But the question is: how can you be attentive? It is not that hard. Doctor Travis Bradberry, author of the book "Emotional intelligence 2.0" gives us some advice and tips. We briefly summarised these for you in the following paragraphs.

-Laugh more. Laughter has an influence on yourself and others. Keep smiling and after a while everybody will be.

-Be on time. Your time is as important as that of anybody else’s. Respect the other person by being on time.

-If necessary, you apologise, not because you were wrong, but because you really mean it.

-Be empathic in the sense that you not only think along but also sympathise and participate.

Being attentive means that you will sometimes do things for which you do not feel much, you just do it because it helps someone else. In case of disagreement or decision-making, try to make it a win-win situation for everyone. It is not always possible, but it is important that you keep this goal in mind.

Pay attention to the way you and your words are being perceived. This has everything to do with how another person feels and how you feel. Make the other person feel at ease. When it comes to people, just follow your intuition. If you think someone has a bad day, ask her/him about it.

Now that you have read the article, it is actually very simple, isn’t it? Despite its simplicity, it gives an important added value. Why not try it out?


Good luck!

Frank Vande Voorde

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Frank Vande Voorde

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