Less stress at work

80% of employees suffer from stress at work. A little bit of healthy stress is normal, but employees will get exhausted, from too much stress . In the worst case it can even lead to a burn-out! As an employer, how do you reduce stress on the work floor?

Give your employees a goal!
Sit down with your employees and discuss what is expected of them, make this concrete. This way, they know what is expected of them and what they have to focus on. If they know what they have to do and why, it will ensure a better state of mind!

Sharing is caring!
When things are going well, employees want to get a piece of the pie. You can do that with a classic bonus, but you can also be creative: you can have lunch with the team or close the office on Friday afternoon and do a fun activity with the group. It gives employees a sense of appreciation and also gives them that extra motivation.

A healthy mind in a healthy body!
Exercise is healthy, it is good for your body and also the perfect way to give your brain some rest. Encourage employees to take a short walk in the afternoon after lunch and give them the chance to stretch their legs a couple of times during the working day! This is the perfect way to get back to work with a new energy and creativity.

Work-life balance!
All employees are looking for it and almost all employers fear it: working flexibly! A good balance between work and private life is different for everyone. A young father may want to start earlier so that he can pick up the children at the school gate. A Millennial may want to exercise in the morning and work longer in the evening. Create a flexible work environment, step by step, so everyone can find the balance, that is perfect for them.

No-more multitasking!
Multitasking and focus don’t fit together. Give employees the opportunity to focus on one task at a time. If your focus is interrupted, it takes 20 minutes before your mind is at the same cruising speed again. It is therefore interesting to organise a meeting without mobile phones and laptops, so nobody is distracted and there is more focus. Give your employees the chance to be 'unreachable'. It will surprise everyone how much work can  be done in a morning without telephone calls or e-mails!

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