Retaining your best employees

Posted by Laura Burchardt

Why you need a solid retention strategy, procedures and a good understanding of the needs of your employees to prevent them from leaving. Here is what we propose...

Why you should do your utmost to keep your best colleagues:

Retaining your employees ensures satisfied customers and coworkers. But there is more... 

These are the facts

  • It’s difficult for organizations to replace leavers.
  • Turnover of your employees has huge financial repercussions due to the hiring, training of the replacement and extra workload for other employees.
  • More than 80% of employees leave for reasons other than salary.
  • Your lost talent is employed by your competition.
  • And you lose knowledge and expertise you will not find again.

What to do?

Implement a retention strategy. For this to be successful, you need to put procedures in place, understand and assess your staffs’ needs and know what you can or can’t offer them.

Be realistic while hiring.
Don’t promise the skies if you can’t deliver. Offer a competitive benefits package, including health and life insurance and a retirement plan.

Create an open-minded work environment.
People need to feel valued, that their point of view, ideas or experience matter. That they can communicate openly in all honesty with their colleagues and supervisors.

Keep them interested
Give your workers challenging and stimulating work. Give them the opportunities to grow with the company, through training or by giving them accountability.

Work inclusive
Not only is diversity good for your company, it increases revenue and the team spirit.

Do not neglect the personal side
Work-life balance is a must, helping employees to better manage their lives with Flexi-time, teleworking, etc.

Think environment and climate
It is a concern for many people. Make it yours.

Acknowledge them.

This is an easy one, yet often looked over. We are quick to point out a mistake but often forget to congratulate a job well done, to celebrate the successes. 

 ‘People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards’ – Dale Carnegie

Rainbow Resources Group will be happy to give you more information or advice on this subject; We are but a phone call away.

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