5 myths about interim candidates

Posted by Carole Gerday

Despite what one can think, interim contracts have many advantages, as much for the companies as for the workers. And it would be a shame to miss these benefits because of some outdated myths: get up to speed today!

Here comes a non-exhaustive list of myths that some companies may have about temporary workers. Obviously, there are just as many myths regarding temporary jobs from the candidates themselves as well. Anyway, let's dive right in: 

Myth # 1: Temporary workers are just administrative support profiles

Nowadays, we can find all types of profiles in all types of fields via temporary work. Companies may decide to use temporary contracts for additional work, sick leave or maternity leave replacements, or any other situation where a new person should be hired as soon as possible. For example, a company might want to launch a specific project and can only hire temporary workers with expert profiles in well-defined fields for a specific period of time. Interim workers and interims contracts will then be the preferred choice in these cases.

Myth # 2: Temporary workers are junior profiles

It is a myth that we often hear from companies and that could not be further from the truth. Although it is true that many people are reluctant to leave a permanent job for an interim one, there are still many seniors and highly qualified workers who, at a specific point in their careers, decide to embark on temporary missions only. Indeed, it is not rare to look for this type of profiles for interim missions. These highly qualified temporary workers exist and bring real added value to companies who are ready and open to welcome them.

Myth # 3: Temporary workers only turn to interim jobs out of spite

This myth is the one we hear the most: candidates who accept a temporary assignment do so only because they haven’t found a permanent position. There are just as many reasons to choose an interim mission, as there are many types of interim jobs.


Indeed, some workers may choose to turn to interim because:

- They want to change industry, change careers and focus on missions that will allow them to gain as much experience and variety as possible

- Interim missions can be a great way to enter a company in order to prove oneself and hope to be hired internally

- Etc.

Here at our agency, we also meet candidates who are only interested in temporary assignments and contrary to common beliefs, they are not "bad" candidates who would not be able to land a permanent job. 

Myth # 4: Temporary workers are neither loyal nor committed

This myth probably stems from the fact that temporary workers are not under the payroll of the company in which they work. However, temporary workers are in regular and direct contact with their interim agency and are aware that the recruiter has regular contacts with the company. Temporary employees are a bit like the ambassadors of the interim agency within a company. Recruiters will be as careful in their selection process as for a permanent contract, as they want to maintain good relationships with their client and to have a successful matching for all parties. Temporary workers are first people whose values and work ethics will not change solely on the basis of the type of contract they have. If an agency had doubts as to the loyalty, commitment and reliability of an interim worker, it would not risk compromising its relationship with its client by recommending this interim worker for the position (even in case of emergency with a job to fill as quickly as possible).

Myth # 5: There is no possibility to hire the temporary worker in a permanent contract

Some companies are sometimes quite hesitant to start on interim basis because they think, wrongly, that they will not be able to hire the worker on a permanent contract. There is no rule that states an interim worker cannot be hired internally. This decision depends on the temporary worker: whether he/she would accept a permanent contract or not. Many temporary workers agree to become full-time employees in the companies for which they have been hired as temporary worker, and many of these companies also feel that hiring these workers after an interim period is a great opportunity to find the best candidates on the long term.

Do you still have doubts or beliefs about interim and temporary workers? We would be curious to hear about them! 

Your Rainbow Team!

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