Spring… the perfect moment to clean up your mailbox!

Posted by Sandy Heylen

Sounds great, but where to start? CTRL + Alt + DEL is the fastest way to clean it up, but that might be a little drastic. Follow the 7 steps below and you will have a cleaned-up mail box in no time!. Ready for a new start?

Step 1: Archive folder

Create a new folder and call it “archive”. Drag all mails older than three months in it. The chance that you will be needing those is next to nothing, but the idea that you can relocate them if necessary, gives you piece of mind.

Step 2: Create a folder structure

With the remaining mails, create a logic folder structure. Using main and sub folders to create a clear architecture. Keep it short and simple! One word of advice: if you already have a system to organise your paper work, also use it for your mailbox. That ensures the relocation of e-mails. Of course, don’t do this if your paper work needs cleaning up as well. Drag all your remaining e-mails into the organised folders and just leave the mails you need to work with in your inbox.

Step 3: Labels

Use the labels in your inbox to prioritise. For example: this is to do, that is urgent (needs action today), this is for follow up, that needs reading, and that one I delegate. When you open your mailbox, those labels will make sure you have an overview of your day’s priorities. Apply the label system immediately to the remaining mails in your inbox. Enjoy an instant clear overview.

Step 4: Auto-archiving

Select the auto-archiving option. For each mailing program this is different, but your good friend Google surely wants to keep you informed on all the specifics. Why is this so important? That way your mailbox does not slack too much due to large files. Because, be honest, there is nothing so frustrating as slow mailboxes.

Step 5: congratulations

If you succeeded in executing the previous four steps, we would like you to congratulate you, since you have just become the proud owner of a new, cleaned up mailbox. But do not forget about step number 6.

Step 6: new habit… starting from NOW

Mail treated? Delete the label and drag it to the right folder. That way your mailbox stays empty or organised. Bye bye mail stress! Because the mails left in your inbox are solely the means that need action. From now on, going through your mailbox with a cup of coffee in the morning will be a piece of cake!

Step 7: talking works

Last but not least …, do not forget that mailing is not always necessary. Using the telephone is still an option. It reduces your mails in your inbox: less mails to send, less mails to receive, and less mails to organise.

Good luck with your new inbox!

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