The Communications Officer's responsibilities

A Communications Officer has a great deal of responsibility within the company. After all, he/she handles both internal and external communication and, therefore, also determines the image of the company. A Communications Officer is a very flexible all-rounder who can turn his/her hand to anything.

The Communications Officer’s responsibilities

A Communications Officer supervises and coordinates a company’s internal and external communication. He/she tunes the internal communication channels according to the company's needs. He/she coordinates the communication between the different departments within the company and maintains contacts within each department. He/she stimulates and guides the management in matters regarding internal communication.

He/she determines the company’s communication tools, campaigns and networks. He/she coordinates the communication related to the company’s promotion and brand image. He/she is responsible for the company’s newsletter. He/she develops a communication strategy and policy. He/she establishes the budget for the communication plan. He/she handles communication in times of crisis. He/she evaluates completed projects in order to fine-tune them and implement them in the best possible way.

The Communications Officer’s skills

A Communications Officer has good language skills and solid drafting abilities, which he/she can tailor to his/her target audience. He/she always uses reliable references in his/her communication and has a broad socio-cultural knowledge. He/she is able to communicate on a commercial level and to speak fluently in public.

He/she is a keen learner and, as such, is aware of the latest developments in communication. He/she is creative and enjoys taking initiative. He/she knows all there is to know about new media and audio-visual communication tools.

A Communications Officer can put together a communication plan, establish a communication strategy and roll out communication campaigns. He/she is persuasive and is a good networker.

Other qualities include discretion, integrity, good listening skills, stress resistance and an ability to assert his/her opinion, to negotiate and to mediate.

A Communications Officer generally has a university degree in Communication Science or the Humanities. Some companies may require a degree in Communication Management or in Corporate Communication, combined with relevant experience. In most cases, he/she has built up a portfolio of experience in journalism and other relevant subjects.

He/she is usually hired by a communication agency or by a company’s Communication Department. He/she often works irregular hours and often works away from the office. A Communications Officer works at a fast pace. He/she is stress-resistant and capable of managing other people. He/she can work both independently and in a team.

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