Témoignages de candidats

Having moved halfway across the world to be with my fiancé, job hunting became a main priority to give my new life structure and purpose. I had left my home of Malaysia in which I’ve grown-up and lived-in for the past 30 years. Everything felt foreign to me in Belgium - the languages, the country, the culture. Not being your typical degree holder or someone with a higher level of education, and unable to speak any of the official languages of French, Dutch or German made job-hunting an even bigger challenge. I’ve sent hundreds of job applications to many different companies but never got a positive response. One day, I stumbled upon a position which was advertised with Rainbow. I decided to apply for it and received a reply from Priscilla saying that unfortunately, the employer was looking for someone with a different profile. Even though the reply was negative, I thanked her for at least having read through my application and to ask a favour for her to contact me should something more fitting comes up. She was kind enough to arrange a meeting at her office and to get to know me as a person. I was greeted by the lovely Josephine who made me feel very welcome. The meeting with Priscilla was a pleasant experience. She is an open-minded individual and she understood the challenges I faced with the lack of positive feedback on job opportunities. After filling up the necessary paperwork and some online tests, I left the office feeling positive and hoping for the best. Less than a week later, I was invited to an interview for an interim position by one of their clients, [... ] I’m proud to say that it was merely 3 months ago and I’ve now obtained a permanent contract with them! This would not have been possible without the great people of Rainbow - Priscilla (Thank you for having faith in me!), Josephine (Thank you for your positivity, kindness and IT support!), Manuela (Thank you for the call when I was offered the position!) Laura (Thank you for all the timely payments!), Molesse (Thank you for the surprise office visit and lovely gift!) And to everyone I haven’t had a chance to meet yet, keep doing what you’re doing and know that you are making a positive impact in people’s lives - I am proof of that!

- Par Jean

Plus de témoignages

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