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Trust is earned, not freely given.

It is one of our core values and our business, we strongly believe, thrives on it. How do we build trust? People want to trust others but, reflecting on possible negative consequences, many hesitate and finally choose not to place their trust in anyone.

Yes, trust has to be earned and it can take time. If you know you are trustworthy, how can you convince the other person? I would like to share the answer with you; this is something in which we at Rainbow firmly believe. I also recommend a book called "The Trusted Advisor", by David Maister, which offers some excellent examples and guidelines to apply in order to gain that much-sought after trust.

To be trusted in your professional environment, you certainly have to prove that you know the business you are talking about! “I know what I am doing because…”. Trust is also about how you are going to explain what you know. Maister calls this “credibility”. Invoking “references" is a good way to speed up the part of the process of gaining someone’s trust; these people will vouch for you and will confirm that your words do reflect reality.

Asking the right questions, giving good examples, advising someone or providing correct information will also help you to build your credibility. 

Being open and transparent is, in my opinion, another way to gain trust. It shows that you are not afraid; you share information, show vulnerability, and that it is normal for you to handle matters this way. Accepting a critical comment and listening to another person in order to learn from them is even further proof that you are most probably trustworthy.

David Maister also explains that you trust someone upon whom you can count. In other words, if a person says that they are going to do something, it will happen. Talk the walk, walk the talk. “I will be there at five o’clock” means that the person will be there by 5 o’clock at the latest.

It also means that you are consistent in your approach and attitude. It is difficult to trust a person if their personality constantly changes or if they alter what they say or think every other week. Trust is a relationship you build on.

This relationship can be based on things, or thoughts, you have in common.  It often starts with the obvious: children, where you are from, who you know, sports, school, etc. It can go further, however, as people like other people when they recognise something of themself in this other person, such as a passion for music, travelling, common interests and opinions. Very often, one will trust different people for different reasons, but if they match all or most of the above description, it will be easier – and faster – for you to build that trust. If you live by the principles outlined above, it will be easier for someone else to trust you. 

One thing is sure: No trust? No friendship. 

And for us:  No trust?  How can we do business together? 

In this view, it is worthwhile - certainly for us as a company and for its ambassadors – to deserve the trust of our business partners and to make the necessary efforts to maintain it ...And also to earn their trust in return! 

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“It is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest, that holds human associations together”. – H. L. Mencken 

Frank Vande Voorde

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Frank Vande Voorde

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 "Rainbow Resources Group"  werd opgericht bij de overname van "Rainbow Admin Careers", een gespecialiseerd werving- en selectiekantoor dat reeds meer dan 30 jaar actief is op de Belgische markt. Inmiddels hebben we nog andere gespecialiseerde afdelingen opgericht zoals  "Rainbow HR Careers" ,"Rainbow Flex Careers " en "Rainbow Coaching".

Begonnen in de audit, heb ik later consultancy en marketing in een andere Big Four kunnen toevoegen aan deze eerste financiële ervaring. De hoofdbrok vormt de meer dan 25 jaar ervaring in gespecialiseerde, vaste en tijdelijke werving- en selectieoraganisaties. Dit als Consultant, Manager en Algemeen Directeur van zowel nationale als internationale, kleine en grote ondernemingen. 

Als Handelsingenieur van Solvay (VUB) heb ik bijkomende opleiding genoten o.a. in INSEAD, Vlerick en bij STIMA. Ik ben Business en Executive Coach en genoot de opleiding als bemiddelaar in sociale, burgerlijke en commerciële zaken.

Met een passie voor het ondernemen, in het bijzonder gespecialiseerde werving en selectie alsook uitzendarbeid, koester en leef ik waarden na zoals vertrouwen en gerechtigheid (fairness).

Ik geloof in de kracht van een glimlach en dat een beeld duizend woorden spreekt. 

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